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Recruitment Boutique, was born from the passion and spirit of an enigmatic recruitment specialist. Let′s cut the baloney, we know you′re thinking: ″They′re just another recruitment agency in a repetitive market″. Here′s what makes us stronger: we want to change the way recruitment is done. This is the future of recruitment. We′re starting a revolution and you could be part of it. With over 20 years of recruitment experience between the management team, we are pioneering new ways to find you find the perfect candidate.

So how are we different?

Recruitment Boutique offers you a truly different recruitment service..
Firstly, there are no recruitment consultants. We are a team of researchers, who study the process of recruitment and have stripped out all the superfluous tasks, with the aim of reducing the time and cost of recruiting.

We believe, by providing you with a good shortlist of suitable candidates, you will be best equipped to find the perfect team member.

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