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The wizards at the Recruitment Boutique take your job specification and craft an attractive job advert that is search engine optimised.

They create the perfect mix of words and design to ensure that this ad is seen by the widest possible audience. (We have access to over one hundred job boards and a dedicated social media team).

The research team will then check the C.Vs of the applicants to verify that their C.V matches your requirements. If they do, we then upload the matching C.Vs into your client area on the Recruitment Boutique portal.

Whilst this process is underway our data mining team will scour all of the online C.V databases. Suitable candidates that may not have seen the advert are then contacted by the research team to ascertain their interest in the role.

Each campaign lasts for 28 days and during this time we search each C.V database weekly (we have access to all of the major online job board C.V databases, which means millions of C.Vs).

All you are required to do, is provide the research team with feedback of the C.Vs, so that they can refine the search if needed.

You can then contact the candidates from the short list to discuss the role and the candidates suitability.

Once you have found the suitable candidate or candidates you make the offer. There is no additional fee if you hire more than one candidate from the short list.

How We help you recruit

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How We help you recruit